Getting Started with ReservationManager

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  • Getting Started
  • Managing Inquiries
  • Scheduling Payment
  • Managing your Calendar and Reservations

User Guide

Download and print the User Guide for quick reference on how to get the most from ReservationManager.

Responding to inquiries with detailed
rental quotes is quick and easy

  1. Click the "Reply" button in the guest inquiry email or within the inquiry detail page accessible from your "Inquiries" list.
  2. Customize your response and complete your quote
  3. ReservationManager saves your email templates and common quote items such as fees and tax rates

ReservationManager payments simplifies the booking
process for you and your guests

  1. To book a guest, click the “$ BookIt” button on the guest detail page.
  2. Specify the reservation amount, payment schedule, your cancellation policy and rental agreement.
  3. ReservationManager sends payment requests to your guests, requires they accept your rental agreement, and processes the payment for you.
  4. You and your guest receive a payment receipt email. The guest is automatically added to your calendar. Funds are deposited in your account in 2 – 3 business days
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